The Sonnenvögel

Portrait von Axel Hebenstreit

Axel Hebenstreit
[ Diplom-Designer ]
Web design, web development, grafic design, identity, product design, XHTML, CSS, PHP, flash, javascript, ...

Axel Hebenstreit lives and works as an self employed web designer in Regensburg (Ratisbona) and is father of his two muses R. (13 years) and L. (16 years).
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Expression Engine is using Expression Engine for the content management system. There are other similar high-performance web publishing tools that we are familiar with, like Textpattern, Movable Type and Joomla, but in our opinion they do not reach the flexibility and feature diversity of Expression Engine. It permits any kind of web content to be managed - from a blog, to an interactive magazine, to a corporate site requiring a powerful content management solution.


In the Studio for Design we co-realize and implement ideas.

For this, skills and legs are needed as well as the ability to realise what's new and implement it easily.

The Sunbird (Sonnenvogel, germ.) is Power and Light. Its nascent life is the sway between earthly skills and the future-affirmative insight:

»Everything existent is just the germ of the Great that wants to become of it.« Marc Aurel, gnostic emperor of anicent Rome

Based on technical skills and experience in dealing with the challenges and perfidies of the new media we combine solid handicraft and innovation for a purposeful use.

The Sunbird appears as a heavenly creature – it is light, fast and backed by the most original and most powerful energy of the universe. Its sharp beak and its strong claw arms reveal that it can take a grip and carry while his look is calm and concentrated. Its asthetical appearance, its effective form and its shining warmth is a our model and impulse to develop and improve ourselves continually. Thus, we comprehend ourselves as human beings who understand and face your needs and questions not only from a business man's view, but also from a humane standpoint.

The Communication of birds belonging together is fascinatingly timeless. Try and watch a flock of ducks or geese in the sky, passing by: synchrone movements pulse through the entire body of their formations. The single birds do not react towards each other, they act together. Together as one, they are ahead of themselves. In an invisible network, they embody the light-knots of a Greater Whole. That's how we reform ourselves with each new project. According to the requirements, we distribute tasks and integrate individual freelance specialists. Thus, our formation changes with the tasks which we or you give us.


»Man im proud of our decision of working with you guys and proud of the great things you guys are doing.«

»Francielle and I are very happy and proud of what we have accomplished so far and we are very satisfied with the results of your hard and great work.
Thanks for all your support, patience and professionalism.

« Hector Eduardo Rozo -