Thought Lights & Thought Poisons


Axel Hebenstreit | 16.03.2006


My own weblog.


“Denklichter" (thought lights) and "Denkgifte" (thought poisons) is a personal weblog, divides in two sections. Under "Denklichter" i write about dayly topics, philosophy, media and politics, and under "Denkgifte" i collect subtle media messages which are meant to manipulate people unconciously so that the result serves a litle minority and harms the majority (mainly german neoliberal or neoconservative propaganda).


2nd place in the »The ExpressionEngine $15.000 Shootout« - Award.


»The black and white is stunning, and the typography is impressive, too.« Molly Holzschlag -

»This was incredibly close to being first place - just pipped at the post because, I feel, it lacked the attention to detail in the design compared to the first place. However, this is such a refreshing site.« Mark Boulton -

»Full black and white can be a huge challenge. It may not even seen like one at first because it looks so simple; everything is either black or white, right? The tougher parts become balance and hierarchy in this case, and Denklichter & Denkgifte does a great job of doing a lot with very little.« Jason Santa Maria -

»The Denklickter & Denkgifte site takes a seemingly simple design and transforms it into a bold concept, playing off the black and white theme throughout the site. The design shifts as you read the two main sections of the site: when you click on “thinking light” posts, the page present more white; as you read the “dark” topics, the page shifts to present a thin white column and wider black space. Throughout, it’s easy to get to categories and the latest new entries.« Emily Chang - ideacodes.