Basically we plan, design and realize internet sites and several grafic work. Yet you might find it useful to see a list of some of the numerous services which we can provide:

Web design:

Grafic design:

5 Reasons for choosing Sonnenvogel

Designing with international web standards

»International standards« - that may not sound very thrilling, though it's one of the most important columns of the future internet. Our internet sites are programmed according to the international standard ( and validate either as XHTML 1.0 strict or transitional and are semantically built so that old browsers, which cannot interprete CSS-stylesheets, will still be readable. Additionally they are accessable in PDAs, cellphones and in screen readers and thus optimized in terms of accessibilty and usability. The bottom line is: you do not exclude potential clients and guarantee that your sites will be presented by modern, standard conform browsers on all operating systems in the same way.

Human Design

With us you will find peple who work for people. Not only for the sake of money, but for the sake of working for people. Wir feel feel and consider ourselves not seperate from the world and other people. Thus we experience your well being as our well being. You are welcome to meet us, listen to your feelings and find out that these are not just mere words.

Structural design

Design is much more than 'just' the making of a aesthetical wrapping for your products. Design always develops out of the structural depth of the needs which a product tries to satisfy. Accessability and Usability are solutions and not fences of a good design and evolves hand in hand with the artistic forms. Our design does not only look well - it's also working well.


As a small but fine designing and programming network and the flexible resource our freelancers we have got the advantage of a low expenses, which we would like to forward to you.
Beyond this: the design of internet sites according to international standards implies the following financial advantages:


Every designer has got his own hand writing. If you like ours (have a detailed impression here), then let yourself be surprised what wants to flow out of our minds and hands.


Rely on the expereince of 20 years of freelance, professional webdevelopment, including design, programming and content management.